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Cultivate Engagement and Boost Productivity with Working Game: Reinvent Work with Blockchain and Gamification.

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Turn Work into Victory with Working Game!

Accomplish Real-World Missions, Earn Working Coins - Your Path Towards Unmatched Engagement and Performance!

Dive into the Era of 2.0 Motivation with the Win-Win Principle of Working Game!


Discover a new dimension of work with Working Game! Your employer partners with our platform, either by offering a custom game or by leveraging the games we have carefully designed for you.


Transform every workday into a rewarding and enjoyable gaming experience! With each task accomplished for your employer, not only do you accumulate rewards, but you also build your gamified profile. Make your work an adventure with Working Game!


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Make Work Exciting with Working Game!

Our platform turns daily tasks into engaging missions. Receive challenges directly assigned by your employer and dive into a work experience as engaging as a game. Make every day a victory!

Shape Your Web3 Collaborator Profile

Embrace the Web3 revolution with Working Game and carve out a cutting-edge digital resume. Become a Web3 collaborator, a pioneer in the digital economy, and make your mark in the connected world of tomorrow!

Empower Your Employees with Exclusive Perks

Boost employee motivation and loyalty by providing unique advantages, driving your company towards unprecedented success. Ignite passion, foster commitment, and pave the way to victory with Working Game!

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A group of specialists

The Working Game project is remarkable, notably thanks to its management team, which is exclusively composed of members dedicated to the Working Game project. Each member of this team is a qualified professional, endowed with exceptional human skills. It is with pleasure that we introduce to you these talented individuals making up this exceptional team.


Christophe GOUMAN

Founder and president of working Game
Player : Achievers
Strength: Strategy
Favorite weapon: Smarthphone
Working Coins :    

Linkedin : 


Osvaldo Cocucci

Working game technical leader
Player : Explorers
Strength: Repair
Favorite weapon:  x ray glasses
Working Coins :    

Linkedin : 


Bedino Tom

System development engineer
Player : Explorers
Strength : Geek
Favorite weapon : Computer
Working Coins :    

Linkedin : 


louis villedieu.png


Unity Developer & Blockchain Integrator
Player : Explorers
Strength : Creation
Favorite Weapon : Unity
Working Coins :    

Linkedin : 


Steven DOYON

Human Resources Director
Player : Socializers
Strength : Profiler
Favorite Weapon : Social Networks
Working Coins :    

Linkedin : 

Hugo (FILEminimizer).png



Back-End Developper
Player : Archivers
Strength : Collector
Favorite Weapon : Brain
Working Coins :  

Linkedin : 

PHOTO DIOGO (FILEminimizer).png

Diogo Costa

Fullstack Web Developer 
Player : Socializers
Strength : intellect
Favorite weapon : Javascipt
Working Coins :  

Linkedin : 



Web agency
Joueur : Explorers
Strength : Speed
Favorite weapon : Digital
Working Coins :  

Linkedin : 


Crédit Agricole Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Player : Achievers
Strength : Strategy
Favorite weapon : Money
Working Coins :    

Linkedin : 


Frequently asked questions

Our start-up has recently deployed an innovative blockchain based on Substrate and Frontier, two leading blockchain technologies. This initiative represents a significant advancement in our mission to improve recognition and well-being at work.

Substrate, developed by Parity Technologies, is an open-source framework that allows for the creation of custom and scalable blockchains. By using Substrate, we were able to design our own tailor-made blockchain, specifically tailored to the needs of businesses and focused on managing games in a professional environment.

The combination of Substrate with Frontier has strengthened our solution, bringing the benefits of a next-generation blockchain. Frontier, a technology based on Polkadot, enables interoperability between different blockchains, allowing us to easily integrate our platform with other projects and blockchain networks.

Thanks to this Substrate and Frontier-based infrastructure, we can offer employees an immersive and engaging gaming experience, while ensuring the security, transparency, and efficiency of transactions through blockchain technology. The advanced features of Substrate, such as integrated governance and transparent upgrades, enable us to iterate quickly and respond to the changing needs of our customers.

The implementation of a work management solution through games in companies can bring significant benefits for both employees and businesses.

One of the main advantages of work management through games for employees is the opportunity to work in a more organized and structured environment. Clear goals and projects, along with a detailed plan, can help eliminate confusion and ensure that everyone is working towards the same objective. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment for employees.

For businesses, implementing work management through games can lead to improved efficiency and profitability. With a clear and organized plan in place, teams can work more effectively together and avoid delays or budget overruns. This can result in faster project completion and ultimately a more successful and profitable company.

In conclusion, the implementation of work management through games in companies can bring significant benefits for both employees and businesses. By creating a more organized and efficient work environment, companies can enhance employee satisfaction and productivity while increasing the success and profitability of the business.

Today, companies collect data on their employees for various reasons:

Performance evaluation Workforce management and planning Regulatory compliance Administration of benefits Productivity and efficiency Our solution values the data already present within the company, such as employee arrival times recorded by the time clock, for example.

Using the available data within a company to evaluate employees can help ensure they are fairly compensated and that their contributions to the company are recognized. We will negotiate with companies during the initial setup regarding the type of data and how we obtain this data from them.

The integration of Working Game within a company starts with understanding the organization's specific objectives. Once these objectives are established, our solution can collaborate with the company to define the type of video game that would best align with these goals. This could include games focused on teamwork, problem-solving, or training for specific skills.

Next, we assist the company in defining specific missions or challenges that employees will need to accomplish within the game. These missions must align with the overall goals of the company and be designed to enhance employee performance in key areas.

Once the game and missions have been defined, our solution deploys smart contracts that allow employees to download and install the video game on their devices. This can be done gradually, starting with a specific department or location before rolling it out company-wide.

The advantage of our solution is that it can be implemented in stages, allowing the company to gradually introduce game management and monitor its effectiveness before expanding further. This enables a more flexible and adaptable approach to implementing game management within the company.